Waldshut-Tiengen, 11.01.2021

CST receives funding from the AI Innovation Competition Baden-Württemberg for the development of AI-based tire condition analysis

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In 2021, CST will start developing the AI-based tire condition analysis “Tireanalysis as a Service (TaaS)”. This service is aimed at tire service providers for trucks and cars, workshops and leasing providers, tire retailers, insurance companies and interested private persons. The service enables tire condition to be determined on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, among others. Especially in combination with the recognition of dot number, manufacturer and type for truck and car tires, the diagnosis of the tire is accelerated and simplified.

CST GmbH will invest a six-digit amount in this project and thus participated in the AI Innovation Competition Baden-Württemberg last year. On January 11 2021, a list of the funded companies was published. CST GmbH received a commitment for a six-digit funding amount.