Candle App

Innovative technology for qualitycontrols in the candle industry.

CandleApp Brief description

The purpose of the CandleApp is to support the quality control of candle manufacturers and companies supplying them, and to protect them against unwarranted complaints. At a low cost, CandleApp supplies precise data regarding wick position, flame level and candle life. The CandleApp clearly illustrates the burning behaviour of a candle by using images, videos and statistics. All data is time-stamped, which means that measurements are documented and can be reproduced.

The CandleApp measures up to five flames at a time and exports the results of the measurements into an Excel table.  The measurement images, time-lapse videos and statistics of the real-time measurements are provided with timestamps and easy-to-comprehend comments, such as “flame size increased by 50%”.

If a flame changes quickly, CandleApp documents more images to ensure a flawless reproducibility.  These images are marked separately and can therefore be easily found and analysed.  If the pre-defined upper or lower limit for the flame size is reached, the CandleApp alerts users with a sound and sends out an SMS.

Thanks to the integrated offline measurements, the CandleApp allows users to manually measure (using a computer mouse) the images that were taken by the automated quality control system. The use of the CandleApp eliminates manual errors during the recording of the measurements, e.g. air movements caused by people or when manually entering the values in an Excel® table.

The CandleApp takes the quality management in the candle industry to a new level that has never been seen before. It allows quality controls during the development phase and lets users take countermeasures when they encounter production problems.

The CandleApp convinces with a uniform and contrastable measurement method for the entire candle industry.

Across the entire burn cycle, the CandleApp offers:

  • Real-time measurement
  • Simple and fully-automated measuring of flame levels and candle life
  • Graphic analysis
  • Time-lapse video
  • Statistical documentation
  • Error localisation via graphical and statistical analyses and the time-lapse video
  • Using a mouse, users can manually re-measure the flame level in each image
  • Recording of up to five flames at a time
  • Configurable documentation of all measured values, even across days, in the form of:
    • csv statistics files for Microsoft Excel®, Open Office, Apple Numbers®
    • Measurement images with timestamps, calibration data and text information
    • Time-lapse video

How you benefit from using the CandleApp:

  • Reduction of the effort it takes to measure flames
  • Reduction of human error
  • Independent recording of measured values
  • Works with inexpensive, standardised hardware
  • Warning when defined flame levels are exceeded
  • More time for development and innovation, no more monotonous work
  • Easy-to-comprehend, precise and seamless measured values across the entire candle life.

CandleApp applications

CandleApp technical data

  • 0.1mm/pixel to 0.55 mm/pixel *
Measurement frequency:
  • 1 to 15 measurements per second *
Operating system:
  • iOS 13, iOS 14
Export format for:
  • Statistics: csv (comma separated values)
  • Video: mp4
  • Images: png or jpg
Max. measurement time:
  • 100 hours
Measurement modes:
  • Project mode, includes saving the measured values
  • Quick mode, live display without saving the measured values

* depends on iPad or iPhone model and the working distance

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