Making quality visible and measurable, because not only appearances count...

What is absolutely essential for chefs also applies to the production of candles. To make a quality candle, you need a superbly balanced burning mass and a suitable wick. Raw materials often used for the production of candles are paraffin, stearin, vegetable fats and also beeswax. The mixture of raw materials is dictated by the recipe and also the possible production processes … and last but not least, the price.

That is why we developed a CandleApp that offers the opportunity to digitally measure and compare batches as early as the development stage, but also later on, in a way that can be documented. This will prevent complaints early on and possibly allow manufacturers to optimise their recipes.

The manual offline measurement offers the opportunity to check all images taken by the CandleApp by hand. CandleApp makes read errors using a steel ruler, errors in hand-written notes or the manual transfer of measured values to Microsoft Excel® or other programs a thing of the past. » CANDLE APP technical data

How you benefit from using the CandleApp:

  • Up to 5 flames simultaneously in a single measurement
  • Measurement time documented across many days
  • Export of measurement images and time-lapse videos
  • Real-time measurement
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Manual offline measurement of the flame level
  • Export of detailed statistics, e.g. for Microsoft Excel®

Why that is important

When making candles, the wick and burning masses always have to be a good fit for the candle type, burning mass and production process. That is why manufacturers who want to offer consumers quality and safety as well as an optimal price/performance ratio are exclusively producing their candles in accordance with the standards of RAL-Gütergemeinschaft Kerzen, e.V. and their products feature the RAL quality mark. The CandleApp is a previously unavailable and now essential test tool that helps them achieve that goal.

Automated documentation of the burning behaviour

Manual re-measuring of the flame level in each image possible

Notification via SMS if the flame level exceeds defined limits

Video application of the CST CandleApp

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