Work for CST.Or are you just looking for a job?


We’re not just looking for an employee.We’re looking for total commitment.

It’s true. Everyone should feel at ease in their role at CST. But the role needs to be done well, too. With knowledge and vision, and with dogged drive and ability. Our clients‘ demanding requirements need to be taken up and handled with excellent results. So ego-centric windbags, careerists and job tourists with a short half-life need not apply. We need solid people who can think and act for themselves. And preferably people with great potential. People with total commitment. People like you…


No biscuits? No 25-hour week? What did you expect?

Many people are looking to achieve a good balance between their work and their private life. We have nothing against work-life balance, but the concept does suffer from an intrinsic imbalance on both sides. We prefer to call it work-life integration. It’s not about there being no difference between work and leisure time any more, but about blending both areas affecting our quality of life together in a “natural” and harmonious way. This is what we work towards, and our code of work is based on it.

Use time more

Reduce or
avoid stress

Live more


Feel less

Cultivate joy
in your work

Talk to each
other more


Motivate yourself
through awareness

Spend less
time at work


The quickest route from A to W*:Your application process

Rapid application, rapid response. There’s no queueing with CST. When you apply for a role with us, we guarantee that your application will be handled quickly and carefully. Our selection procedures are fair and transparent, as you need to be able to rely on us. Are you interested in a current vacancy? Go to our online application platform. Click on the desired position and apply to us. Your application then goes through five phases:

Receipt of your application

We check that your documentation is complete. If you have included all of the required documents with your application, you will receive a confirmation email to the address of your choice within three days. If you have not included a certain item of proof, our HR officer will contact you.

Considering your application documentation

Your application is forwarded to divisional management. First of all, we check that you are professionally suited to the role, liaising with the project manager as required. If your knowledge and qualifications are a good fit with our current vacancy, we invite you to an initial interview, either over the phone or at our offices.

Initial interview

We check your qualifications. In the initial interview, we tell you all about CST GmbH. We talk about your previous roles and find out more about what you’ve done before and what drives you. Senior management decide whether to invite you for a work trial and second interview after that.

Work trial and second interview

Can we work together? During the work trial you get to know your colleagues and show us what you can do with a small task. Senior management and the appropriate team leader will take the time to get to know you better in person.

Are we compatible? The second interview is an opportunity to talk about your experience with the team, having got to know potential future colleagues better. Senior management will tell you the results of your work trial.


You receive your employment contract. If we’re compatible and everything goes well, we invite you to lunch on your first day. This is an opportunity for us to welcome you to the company and bring you up to speed with staff information. Senior management provide further training and regular feedback sessions to help you to make a positive long-term contribution to the company.

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