The next generation of industrial LED image processing: Light section and vision sensor combined in a single system.

EASY AREA Brief description

EASY AREA is a freely configurable telecentric modular system based on colour-structured light that consists of sensors connected in a series as needed. EASY AREA uses a structured light section process that can scan a complete area or shape with a single image … and not just a single line as is the case when using laser triangulation. That also has economic benefits. For the same measurements, defined applications would require a greater number of the expensive laser sensors.

EASY AREA is used primarily for quality assurance purposes, in production processes, to record process parameters and for making available live images for monitoring production processes. A typical area of application is the inspection of rolled goods. In addition, EASY AREA is used for measurements that were previously impossible because of the physical conditions of light and shadows.

For example, EASY AREA allows a precise, vertical edge measurement using a beam path that is telecentric on the image side, i.e. the parallelisation of the camera beam path. The telecentric lens is not subject to geometric aberrations, such as distortion.

The beam paths can be designed in a way that allows all rays to predominantly hit the image sensor vertically in order to reduce shading from the material edges and to record image data from grooves or bores.

EASY AREA is a self-sufficient standalone measuring system, which means that the image is analysed directly in the sensor, which then also provides the result, e.g. 2D image data, 3D point clouds or other test results. It uses monochrome or colour area scan cameras with CMOS chips. The sensors, which can be connected in a series as needed, feature integrated optics and lighting.

EASY AREA LED-technology

All industries that process flat goods and sheet goods want to fully utilise their machine speeds to achieve an optimal production output. At the same time, it must be ensured that everything is going as smoothly as planned. Or that ordered processes are maintained, for example during passenger checks at airports.  Here, EASY AREA is used for checking the contents of the containers that hold personal belongings.

LED-based, telecentric surface sensors can assume measurement tasks at a lower cost than laser sensors did previously. They can continuously record data and also offer a precise output of 2D image data, 3D point clouds and measurement results at a much lower cost and with much less effort.

Our EASY AREA LED technology, which is standardised for the most part, has a vertical resolution of up to 50 µm and a surface resolution of 120 pixels per mm². It also allows an object speed of up to 2.5 m per second. And all of that in a single device.


µm optical vertical resolution


pixel per mm2


m/s object speed

EASY AREA operating principle

Our EASY AREA LED technology does not use any laser technology. As a result, it also does not require expensive laser protection measures or the training of personnel. In addition, by capturing an entire area, humans can comprehend the decision that was made.

Thanks to the telecentric optics and the shadow-free lighting, there is no shading, e.g. from grooves, and even the edges of measured objects are precisely detected. Thanks to an actively illuminated calibration body, EASY AREA is automatically calibrated while in operation. That eliminates downtimes for calibration and unnecessary additional costs since the calibration is contained in the image data.

The calibration body consists of quartz glass and is highly temperature-stable. This ensures that the calibration is unaffected by temperature swings and therefore always accurate. The measurement image can be double-checked manually using offline tools. This allows operators to accurately reproduce the measuring points.

Telecentric and

while operating

Ambient temperature
of up to 60°C

EASY AREA customer-specific solutions

Innovative plant manufacturers and mechanical engineers, the manufacturing industry, medium-sized production companies … we have customers in all sectors. After familiarising ourselves with your applications and measuring tasks, we will develop the most stable EASY AREA application solutions for you. We will also take costs into account and use proven standard components whenever possible.

From feasibility studies and OEM or IoT applications to an after-sales service, our customers are advised and guided by select specialists from the fields of physics, optical electronics and mechanical engineering.

Our range of services includes design, integration and tests all the way to the start of production with a plug-and-play system. This not only applies to newly developed products but also the adaptation of proven standard products or a customer-specific retrofit – based on the individual requirements of the customer.


Proven industry

Installation / integration,
training and 24/7 service

EASY AREA technical data

  • Sensor housing: L x W x H: n * 300 + 150 mm x 220 mm x 110 mm, n = 1 to 5
  • Depending on the required field of view, multiple housings can be connected in series
  • Optical resolution: 1 pixel shows 50 μm x 50 μm
  • Optical vertical resolution: 65 μm
  • Speed of the object: up to 2 m/s
  • Exposure time: typically 50 s
  • Quality assurance in manufacturing
  • Capturing process parameters in manufacturing
  • Live image of the process for monitoring the production process
Special features:
  • Easy connect interface
  • Barcode / QR code reading and measurement in a single device
  • For use in tough conditions, highly dirt resistant
  • No "laser protection" required
  • Live calibration (automatic / manual offline measurement of images possible)
  • No errors during width measurement of "wavy" products
When you should consider EASY AREA:
  • If you use production processes involving products with widths from a few centimetres to several metres.
  • If you have to monitor more than one parameter during your production processes.
  • If the available space of your plant is small and you need space-saving solutions.
  • If you have to halt your production to calibrate or check your sensors and if a live calibration can prevent downtimes.
  • If you have to manually check your measured values or if this has to be done by an external expert/laboratory.

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