Flame-measurement in the candle industry

Quality assurance in the candle industry


The clients are a European candle federation and major providers of products for candle manufacture



  • Global standardisation of the measurement process for candle flames to DIN EN 15493:2008-01, EN15493:2007, RAL-GZ 041, IKEA Specification IOS-TM-0001 (2008-10-10)
  • Use of standardised, inexpensive and globally-available Apple iPad® Hardware
  • Generation of meaningful reports and graphics during and after measurement
  • Provision of interfaces for Microsoft Excel®, Apple Numbers® and other programmes
  • Generation of time-lapse videos at various resolutions
  • Recording and highlighting unusual events during the candle burn phase
  • Implementation of high-precision measurement, despite use of consumer optics
  • Parallel measurement of up to five candle flames
  • Restriction of user base to professional users despite use of Apple App Stores®

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