The following applies to occupational safety as well as mandatory face masks: Trust but verify.

INSPECTOR X Brief description

The idea for the development of INSPECTOR X stems from the growing need of people to feel safe at work and while they go about their daily business.

Initially developed to protect against coronavirus infections in highly populated shopping areas, there is now an increasing number of new applications in the field of occupational safety: It is no longer just about detecting who is or isn’t wearing a mask.  Now, it is also about checking and recording who is wearing safety goggles, hard hats, noise protection and personal protective equipment (PPE), as is mandated by the Act on the Implementation of Measures of Occupational Safety and Health to Encourage Improvements in the Safety and Health Protection of Workers at Work (ArbSchG).

With the MASK INSPECTOR and WORK INSPECTOR product lines, we are offering two modular processes for situational checks, recordkeeping purposes as well as for documentation and evidence when dealing with the relevant authorities.  Both product lines are based on a few hardware and software components that have already been successfully used in the industrial sector, as well as a “ready-to-run” philosophy that involves a quick installation and simple instructions.

MASK INSPECTOR and WORK INSPECTOR are intended for monitoring:

  • COVID-19 protective masks in public spaces (amusement parks, trade fairs, airports, coaches)
  • Personal protective equipment in the workplace (hard hats, noise protection, safety goggles)
  • Personal protective equipment in public spaces (bike helmets, helmets and glasses for sports and leisure activities)

MASK INSPECTOR and WORK INSPECTOR are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. To the greatest extent possible, the system operates regardless of the weather conditions or humidity, which means it also works when it is raining or foggy.

Measurable workplace
safety & hygiene

Lower personnel


INSPECTOR X applications

INSPECTOR X technical data

Basic scope of delivery:
  • Camera & embedded CPU unit
  • Digital sign module, suspended or free-standing
  • API interface, WLAN optional
  • Scan function and people counter
  • Status signal on the digital sign, optionally with acoustic support
  • Transmission of status signal via SMS, email, REST-API, etc.
  • Power supply 230 V/50 W
  • Battery-powered autonomous operation possible (or battery coupled with solar cell)
  • Connection of sensors for a larger inspection area possible
  • Expert delivery, assembly and instruction from our skilled personnel
  • GDPR-compliant, no collection of personal data, no storage of sensor data
Special features:
  • Frontal or 360-degree capturing of the surroundings
  • Individual design options for the digital sign module
  • Optional acoustic signal
  • Designed as standalone product or in combination with others
Typical users:
  • Amusement parks
  • Airports, trade fairs
  • Cities and municipalities
  • Hospitals
  • Public transport, cyclists
  • Personal protective equipment manufacturers and dealers
  • Shooting ranges (military, clubs, police, border patrol)
  • Factories and production facilities with a PPE requirement
When you should consider MASK INSPECTOR and WORK INSPECTOR:
  • When the response to the requests of the in-house (security) personnel escalates or gets too expensive.
  • When the current situation has to be measured. (counting the brands and models of protective equipment)
  • When the available personnel solutions would be unable to meet the legally mandated safeguards and reliable automated solutions would be more efficient.
  • When the general need for the safety of people engaged in sports or leisure activities requires verifiable protective measures and these have to be made available at a reasonable cost.

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