CORONA has people worried.MASK INSPECTOR ensures their protection.

According to a recent study by the medical journal THE LANCET, wearing masks reduces the coronavirus infection risk by 85% on average! Everything possible should be done to ensure and enforce compliance with mask mandates, particularly in places where an accumulation of people cannot be avoided.

With MASK INSPECTOR, we have developed an effective and reliable monitoring system for highly populated places. The system is based on robust industrial camera technology, a ready-to-run analysis software, hardware and a digital sign module via HDMI that uses the well-known red/green icons (if masks are worn or not worn) and an optional warning sound.  Optionally, the image-providing monitoring process can be integrated into a superordinate back-end IT for recordkeeping and evidence purposes – and all of that obviously in compliance with GDPR. » INSPECTOR X technical data

Its main features at a glance:

  • Optional recordkeeping
  • Optional acoustic signal
  • Flexible uses
  • Size of the digital sign module 25 cm or 70 cm
  • Individual design options for the digital sign module
  • Module can be mounted on a wall bracket or free-standing stand
  • Expert delivery, assembly and instruction from our skilled personnel

Why that is important

Keeping people safe is the highest priority. It is monitored by the respective authorities as part of the mask mandate and, in the case of non-compliance, can result in hefty fines.

In addition to formal legal considerations, a psychological effect also supports the use of MASK INSPECTOR A subjective sense of danger in crowds of people is reduced … as an objectively noticeable measure aimed to protect people from the coronavirus, it suggests a certain measure of personal safety.

The message can be embedded in a company's corporate design

Less expensive than manual checks

The subjective sense of safety of your customers increases


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