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For the purpose of its production process, products historically having been referred to as yard ware or long goods usually consist of rolled sheet goods. PVC rolled goods, vinyl rolled goods, coil material, corrugated cardboard, rubber, etc. … all of these sheet goods have to address three basic requirements in a modern production process – from semi-finished products to the rolled finished products:

  1. increasingly fast production speeds
  2. while maintaining the quality of a finished product
  3. precise winding onto rolls, either as an end product or for further processing in downstream process chains

All three requirements are negatively affected by deviations of the running direction and flatness that are caused by material or production-related factors … when the product is evenly wound, the physical properties and the rotation are the main factors.

Here, EASY AREA, with its “keep-it-simple-but-not-stupid” process monitoring philosophy, is raising the bar with regard to documenting the surface quality, the traceability of process errors and the concentricity during the winding process. » EASY AREA technical data

  • Multifunctional LED sensor for the dimensional control of the X, Y and Z axes and the surface quality.
  • Variable field of view of up to 6,000 mm by linking sensors
  • Live image with online and offline analysis options
  • Object distance 40 mm – 1,400 mm
  • Measurement accuracy < 0.1 mm

Why that is important

Compared to the conventional, usually laser-based sensor systems, EASY AREA offers mechanical engineers and plant designers unbeatable benefits:

  • Simple installation, easy commissioning with alignment function of the optical axis
  • Simple integration into superordinate control systems and process IT
  • Stable and reliable measurement results even in tough production conditions
  • Quick reaction times and adaptations within the production process
  • Designed both for first-time installers as well as retrofits
  • Virtual planning, reliable planning for new installations and retrofits

Meaningful documentation even at high running speeds

Simple integration into superordinate control systems

Suitable for first-time installers and retrofits

EASY AREA rolled goods inspection flowchart

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