It sounds familiar but is currently a hot topic in the field of sheet goods processing: The journey is the destination.

Manufacturing and sheet goods-processing industries rely on high production and process speeds – and therefore an efficient and reliable quality controlling is a must. EASY AREA was initially designed for the sheet goods management of the tire industry and has now been developed further to accommodate many other sheet goods-processing industries.

The EASY AREA range of services includes dimension measurements, live calibration, high measurement accuracy of the web guide control, width and edge measurement as well as various other surface control parameters. Material and surface quality inspections in particular can be set up for any product and any surface – with top precision, simply and quickly. » EASY AREA technical data

  • Complete tracking of product data during the production process
  • Image data and 3D data are available for the quality assurance processes
  • Shading-free monitoring of sheet goods. This ensures a precise dimensional check, an accurate analysis of surface flaws, the compensation of wavy material and the continuous documentation with images
  • Thanks to the inexpensive live calibration, every single image is calibrated. This makes it possible for the measurement of every image to be verified.
  • The data storage for an analysis at a later point in time (Big Data) meets both current and future industry requirements (traceability of production data)
  • Older machines can easily be retrofitted (regardless of manufacturer)
  • The option of manually re-measuring the image data permits the online checking of all saved characteristics
  • No laborious setting and adjusting of the sensor
  • Analysis for the optimisation of the production process

Why that is important

In the future, not only smart and highly efficient production processes and the ability to monitor them will be important but also the traceability along the entire chain of production. Buzzwords like “close-loop production” and “tracking of product” mean that it can be determined at any time when, where and from whom goods or product parts were made.

Dimension measurement and live image data in a single device

Manual re-measurement of all parameters possible

Quick manufacturer-independent retrofitting

EASY AREA sheet goods inspection flowchart

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