Tire analysis as amobile & cloud solution

Tireanalysis aaS is a paid service offer for the evaluation, documentation and editing of tire images. Service providers whose business model is focused on tires are sending us these tire images. Our cloud servers analyse this data and transmit the results. Naturally, our main focus is on fleet management.

Tireanalysis aaS was designed for decentralised testing and measuring processes for the tires of utility vehicles and cars, in cases of mileage contracts where the tire condition information had to be available anywhere and at any time.

In addition to the operation of the cloud servers, our service includes the demand-oriented provision of code snippets for the integration of our solution, as well as assistance with processing the information and the statistical evaluation of the tire images that we analysed.

The tire images are created with the integrated camera of mobile devices. Accelerated by the hardware, the customer-owned app, which we helped to improve, makes the analysis and measurement results available on mobile devices.  By accessing databases, the measurement process can be done online via our cloud or offline via the AI core.

The cloud-based tire analysis aaS is an application that uses neural networks. The existing database is continuously improved thanks to the integration of newly recorded tire condition data. The results are available in just a few milliseconds.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Tireanalysis aaS learns from previously measured tread depths and tire conditions. Artificial intelligence (AI) comes into play … because the available data is used to automatically draw conclusions regarding the new measurement data. The focus is on the practical utility of these conclusions. One of these uses could be predictive maintenance. For example, it could predict the tire condition of lorries, including required tire changes. That would optimise the tire service of a vehicle fleet.

Why that is important

Tireanalysis aaS is a quick inspection process for fleet operators, government agencies, safety organisations, service providers, car and tire dealers as well as insurance companies that want to instantaneously access tire condition information from anywhere at any time. The primary utilities are service automation, a tire condition analysis based on databases and a preventative contribution to traffic safety.

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