Know the condition of the tirebefore the driver can even say 'hello'

EASY TREAD is an offshoot of the EASY AREA technology and was designed for the robust daily routines of car dealerships. That is why we moved away from the laser light source, which is susceptible to problems, and are instead using multiple LED light sources. Among other benefits, this prevents erroneous measurements through contamination and foreign substances.

The tread depth and condition of all 4 tires can be measured within seconds while the car continues to move with a speed of up to 8 km/h. The car can drive across from both sides. The measurement is done using 18 measurement lines with a width of 1.8 mm each on a maximum shuffle of 600 x 33 (for comparison, laser-based measurements use only a single measurement line with a width of approx. 1.5 mm.) This allows a previously unknown measurement accuracy of +/-0.05 mm on a tire test specimen.

High-resolution measurement results of 750,000 2D/3D pixels guarantee that the analysis, which is available immediately, allows an unequivocal interpretation of these results.  The technology is extremely robust. The tread depth can be reliably measured according to the specifications even if 50% of the opening for scanning is covered with dirt. » EASY TREAD technical data

Why that is important

EASY TREAD is a modern building block for automation in the digital value chain of the CAR DEALERSHIP 2.0. The goal is to improve service processes, make available data immediately for the file of the customer’s vehicle and for marketing and sales activities, and to increase customer satisfaction through service excellence.

Stay tuned …

Our research and development department is currently working on an XXL-EASY TREAD system for the tire condition analysis for utility vehicles or earth-moving machines on wheels. There is a lot of automating to be done …

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