Trust but verify.

With WORK INSPECTOR, we have developed a modular “ready-to-run” monitoring system for entrance areas and safety zones in businesses and public buildings that can fulfil its purpose without high installation costs or extensive technical instructions.

Its goal is to use image-based monitoring to ensure the compliance with safety regulations through inspections and, if necessary, enforcement. That means its purpose is not just to ensure compliance with a mask mandate but also the monitoring of compliance with hard hat requirements or the wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE), etc. » INSPECTOR X technical data

The following user groups can especially benefit from WORK INSPECTOR:

  • Construction site operators (building construction, civil engineering, tunnel construction)
  • Industrial facilities with a PPE requirement
  • Production facilities with visitors
  • Military, police, shooting range operators
  • Manufacturers of personal protective equipment
  • Operators of bike parks, ski lifts, recreational facilities such as exhibition mines

The following system features distinguish the installation and operation of WORK INSPECTOR:

  • Few stable components, quick installation
  • HDMI connection for existing screens
  • Universal software interface for the integration of superordinate back-end systems
  • IoT Device, Industry 4.0 ready
  • Autonomous operation possible (solar, battery operation)
  • One-size-fits-all sensor solution with customised software for custom applications
  • GDPR-compliant

Upon request, we will also customise WORK INSPECTOR to meet your needs:

  • Digital sign with a screen size of 25 cm or 70 cm
  • Can display your own images or videos
  • Documentation of events for recordkeeping purposes

Why that is important

The safety of employees and visitors is in everybody’s interest. That is why employers are obligated to offer workplace health and safety programmes that comply with BGB and ArbSchG.

Measurable and documentable occupational safety

Permanent availability through embedded solution

Giving employees and visitors an increased sense of safety

Workplace safety check flowchart

Do you have any questions?

Our technical assistance staff will happily assist you via phone or email:

T +49 7751 918 55-00