Waldshut-Tiengen, 22.10.2021

"How digitalization massively increases the efficiency of tire diagnosis" - CST at the Hightech Summit in Stuttgart

From Oct. 18. to 20. 2021 the annual Hightech Summit of BWCon took place with great success in Stuttgart.

We were also there on Oct. 19. and presented our Tireanalysis as a Service (TaaS) at the Techbreakfast with the panel: “How digitalization massively increases the efficiency of tire diagnostics”.

After the welcome by Dr. Michael Bach, the participants got an insight into the topic “Tire Diagnostics with a Smart Device”. The presentation started with measuring tread depths and how much time and money is spent on this every year in Europe.

After that, the audience was told how much time and money can be saved by replacing the regular manual measurement with the CST measurement method with smart devices and an AI, additionally which other advantages it includes, e.g. a lower failure rate.

After that, there was a small insight into the underlying technology of TaaS and a preview of where it will go in the next two years together with interested development partners and investors.

The panel was rounded up with a Q&A session in which Dr. Bach and Mr. Frank Schäfer answered the audience’s questions.