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Easy Tread


Together with an internationally known company as partner we developed Easy Tread for contactless diagnosis of tires. This has already been awarded at international trade fairs.


Customer benefits


    • Profile depth measurement while driving on moving tyres

    • Providing data for

      • Consulting

      • DMS

      • WebAPI


  • Push the data to the customer server

  • Vehicle identification by number plate recognition

  • support for the sale of tyres and wheel alignment

  • User-independent measured value generation

Technical data


  • IOT-Sensor

  • Height: 80mm

  • Measurement accuracy: +/- 0.25 mm

  • speed: 8 km/h

  • measurement area of the sensors: 600mm x 32mm

  • Protection class of the measuring modules: IP65

  • Optical license plate recognition

  • abrasion detection




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