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Structured Illumination


We offer our structured illumination system as stand-alone-unit. Field of application is, amongst other, the optical scanning of surfaces. These are available in both pre-assembled and configurable versions, or can also be developed specifically according to your requirements.


Customer benefits


  • detection of 2.5D surfaces

  • Difference between matt and glossy parts

  • Recognition of different coloured surfaces

  • Gathering RGB data from surfaces

  • detection of various contrasts and reflections

  • No shadow cast, multipoint illumination

  • Lower influence of dirt

  • Wide temperature range: -25°C to +75°C

  • Low construction volume

  • No mechanically moving parts

  • harmlessness with regard to photobiological safety

  • Low costs

  • Simple integration

  • Proven standard components

  • Modular


Configurable technical data


  • brightness

  • width

  • Projection pattern

  • Number of lines

  • Color per line

  • Distribution of thickness

  • Lighting angle


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