Waldshut-Tiengen, 01.12.2021

Webinar ReviewFaster, cheaper, more accurateHow tire dealers benefit from CST's tire diagnostics with mobile devices.

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On Tuesday, Nov. 30. 2021, our second webinar took place in Waldshut-Tiengen, or as we like to call it: the home of automatic tread depth measurement. Almost 70 interested parties from the areas of tire production, tire trade, tire storage, workshops, but also from the areas of insurance and venture capital were our guests to learn about the possibilities of TaaS – Tireanalysis as a Service in 45 minutes full of information.

After the welcome by Dr. Michael Bach, the event started with a short review of the history of CST. This was followed by an insight into the market and the needs that are addressed by TaaS, e.g. increasing customer acquisition and retention, digitizing purchasing, customer and work processes or modernizing the corporate image.

How all this works was explained, too. The audience got an insight into the technology behind TaaS and how TaaS as a product addresses the individual needs of each customer group, as well as a demonstration of how easy and efficient it is to use TaaS. In the words of Dr. Bach, “You don’t have to do much, just put the tire on your mobile device. And you’re done.”

Then, we explained how interested parties can get involved in TaaS. As demand for TaaS grows, but is licensed by region and customer group, the key is to be quick before the region you want is already sold out. Or to say in other words, the early bird catches the worm.

Before the short and concluding Q&A session, the audience got a little insight into how TaaS can save time and money, using tire hotel and fleet management as examples, and where CST’s journey is headed in the next few years… with the support of everyone who wants to go into the digitalized future with TaaS.

But why not see TaaS yourself and watch the webinar. Enjoy it here:

Download the webinar presentation

If you have any questions or interest in TaaS, feel free to contact us. And don’t forget: The early bird…. You know…

Dr. Michael Bach
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